Last Updated: 26/03/2014

We reserve the right to change this Return Policy at any time without prior notice, in which case we will post the revised Return Policy on this website and update the "Last Updated" date to reflect the date of the changes. By continuing to use the website after we post any such changes, you accept this Return Policy, as modified.

You acknowledge this Return Policy is part of our Terms and Conditions of Use which may be viewed at By using this website, you are acknowledging that you have read and understand our Terms and Conditions of Use and that you agree to be bound by the terms thereof.

If you are unsatisfied with an order, you may return it to us, provided the product qualifies for return as set forth in this Return Policy and we will pay the shipping costs and also provide you a 100% credit.

To qualify for return, a product purchased through this website must satisfy all of the following conditions, to the extent applicable: (a) the product must have been purchased from us through this website or by telephone within 7 calendar days of the date you submit the product for return to us (b) the product must be unused and cased within its original packaging; (c) if the product is an electronic controller, the factory package seal shall be unbroken when returned to us; and (d) the product return must be shipped to us with the RR number issued pursuant to the procedures and conditions described below. Products that do not qualify for return pursuant to this paragraph will not be accepted for return and you shall assume the risk of loss and be responsible for all shipping costs and other costs that may be necessary to transport the product back to us. If we mistakenly accept delivery of a non-qualifying product, you must collect the product from us within thirty (30) days after delivery to us. If you do not reclaim the product within such 30-day period, you hereby release us from all liabilities and obligations with to respect to the product and you agree that we may dispose of the product in any manner deemed acceptable to us.

To obtain an RR number for a qualifying return, contact the Fisher & Paykel spare parts department at the following phone number: 1300 650 585. An RR number will only be issued to you if one or more of the following conditions apply with respect to the product you wish to return: (a) we shipped a quantity in excess of the quantity specified in your order; (b) the product shipped was not listed on the invoice issued to you; (c) we shipped a mislabeled product (that is, the shipping label matches the invoice issued to you, but we shipped the wrong product); (d) we shipped the product to an address different than the one you provided when you placed the order; (e) we made an error processing the order you submitted to us (but orders we take from you by telephone are not eligible unless you confirm the material terms of the purchase order in writing to us within 24 hours of submitting the original order); (f) there is an error in the official parts manual posted or otherwise published by Fisher & Paykel at the time you submitted your purchase order, and that error caused you to order the wrong part from us; or (g) The parts received were damaged in transit.

We will issue the RR to you and additional information required to facilitate return freight to Fisher & Paykel. We will not accept or process any returns that do not contain the RR number on the shipping carton.

In addition to the foregoing, the following return policies also apply. Fisher & Paykel cannot process or refund packages marked "Return to Sender" or any other packages not marked with an RR issued by us as required above. All return credits will be issued to the same credit card that was charged when ordering the product. After the shipping department receives your qualifying return, we will process the return and issue any applicable credits as soon as commercially reasonable under the circumstances of the return.